Exterior & Interior

We make your vehicle look great

Body Styling

Making sure that your vehicle’s aesthetics are unique and personalized is what we do for our customers every day. AfterFX Customs offers body kits and aerodynamic styling from some of the top brands in the world. Adding body components to your vehicle is one of the best ways to enhance the overall look and feel of your car. Call today to set up an appointment and let us show you your car’s potential.

Brands we carry

Mansory | Lorinser | Wald | TechArt | Brabus | Novitec Rosso | Kahn

Custom Grilles

Adding an aftermarket or custom grille to your car is a simple upgrade that can go a long way for your vehicle’s looks. AfterFX Customs not only offers the best quality grilles in the industry from Strut and Tiarra, but can custom make a grille that is 100% personalized to you. If there is a certain logo, company name or initials that you would like to have on your grille, please let us know and we’ll have our designers show you the options.

Brands we carry

Tiarra Grilles | Strut

Custom Wide Bodies

There are few companies who can custom fabricate wide bodied cars, and even fewer who can do it well. AfterFX Customs is one of the only custom shops in the US who can truly build a custom wide body. No kits or aftermarket panels, just custom metal work to create a seamless custom look. All makes and models are welcome, so if you want your vehicle to have a presence like no other, call After FX Customs today and talk with one of our specialists about a custom wide body.


Powder Coating, Paint, Custom Airbrushing and Tail Lamp Tinting

Want to truly personalize your vehicle? Nothing turns heads more than a one of a kind paint job, and we here at AfterFX Customs are known across the nation for our custom paint work. From bright candies, stealthy matte finishes or full airbrushed scenes, no job is too big or small. Our professional staff can make your car stand out like no other so call today and let us show you how.

Brands we carry

House of Kolor | Kustom Shop | Prismatic Powders

Window Tinting/Tail Light Tinting

Whether you would rather have a little more privacy while driving, don’t like sun glare or want a more sleek look for your vehicle, AfterFX Customs can tint your vehicle’s windows to your liking. And if you are going for more of a custom look, we will gladly tint your tail lights to match the grade of tint in your windows as well. Before having anything tinted, please make sure to check your state laws!

Brands we carry

3M Window Film | 3M Crystalline


We make your vehicle look great

You spend a lot of time in your car, and the interior should be just as refined and personalized as the outside. AfterFX Customs offers an almost endless amount of options for the interior of your vehicle, ensuring that you enjoy your driving environment to the fullest. From creating total comfort to installing top of the line race seats, we know how to make our customers happy. We specialize in leather/suede upholstery, custom seats, carbon fiber/wood inlays and embroidery. Call us today and we’d be happy to go over all the options with you.

Brands we carry

Sparco | Recaro


Vehicle Technologies

Keep your ride updated

Wheels, Tires, Suspension & Brakes

Quality wheels for your vehicle

As the saying goes, shoes make the man, and your car’s wheels are no different. A quality set of aftermarket wheels sets the stage for the style of your vehicle. And once wrapped in quality rubber, your vehicles handling will increase dramatically. AfterFX Customs not only offers a wide selection of wheels and tires from , but we can custom design and a set of wheels personalized to you. Call us today to explore the options for your vehicle.

Brands we carry

Pirelli | Strut | HRE | BBS | Novitec Rosso | Modulare | OZ Racing | Kahn | Vossen | Vredestein | ADV-1 | CEC Wheels | Continental | Nitto Tires | MHT Wheels | Fuel RIMS


Whether you are getting ready to go to the track or are looking for a safer and more comfortable ride, AfterFX Customs carries some of the best suspension and brake companies in the world. Not only will your vehicle have a more aggressive look and stance, the handling capabilities will match and compliment your driving style to a T.

Brands we carry

Brembo | Lingenfelter | Invidia | KW | Bilstein | Novitec Rosso


We can fine-tune your car

Exhaust Systems/Air Intakes

Let your engine breathe! Adding an aftermarket exhaust system and cold air intake not only improves engine efficiency, but will give your vehicle a rich, deep exhaust note that means business. AfterFX Customs carries only the finest exhaust and intake companies for virtually every make and model. Call our specialists today to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Brands we carry

Milltek | Fabspeed | A.W.E. Tuning | Lingenfelter | Novitec Rosso  | APR

Turbos/Superchargers/ECU upgrades

Let’s face it, when push comes to shove it’s all about what’s under the hood, and AfterFX Customs takes power very seriously. We have built everything from competitive track vehicles to some of the worlds highest horsepower street cars and everything in-between. We have years of experience tuning our customer’s cars to their liking and deal with only the top manufacturers. Your driving experience is what matters most to us, and our professional staff knows how to put a smile on your face. Call an AfterFX Customs specialist today to and we’d be happy to go over all the different options with you.

Brands we carry

Lingenfelter | Evolution Motorsports | Vortec | ESS Tuning | A.W.E. Tuning | APR


Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that


Vision X

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AfterFX Customs has a long, deep rooted history in the car audio industry. We have been building mobile entertainment systems since the 1980′s and our master installers have more than 100 years combined experience. Our clients demand the best, and we carry only the finest and most advanced components available. Whether you are a die hard audiophile or are looking to keep your kids entertained in the back seat, AfterFX Customs will build you the mobile entertainment system you have always wanted.

Brands we carry

Alpine | Audison | Kenwood | HERTZ Audio | Mid City Engineering | Morel

MP3/Mobile Electronics/OEM Integration

Today’s OEM (original equipment manufacturer) head units are more advanced then ever, some controlling almost all of your vehicles essential functions. Having the ability to integrate aftermarket components and devices such as audio equipment, MP3 players, cell phones, DVD players, gaming systems, satellite radio or exterior cameras to your OEM head unit is essential. Whether it be an iPhone or iPad to a Playstation, the experienced staff at AfterFX Customs can flawlessly integrate your favorite and most used electronics to your factory system.

Watch below to see how AfterFX Customs seamlessly integrated an iPad 2.

Brands we carry

Nav TV  | Mid City Engineering

Radar and Laser Protection

Who doesn’t want to feel their vehicle’s full potential from time to time? The left lane is calling, but don’t let a hefty speeding ticket ruin the experience. There are many options out there for radar and laser protection, but none come close to the performance and technology of Escort and K40. Our expert installers can seamlessly integrate these systems into your vehicle for a custom, personalized look and feel.

Brands we carry

Escort Radar


 Vehicle Location

We know how busy you are and we know how much of a hassle purchasing a vehicle can be. If you are looking for a worry free car buying experience, then let us help you. If there is a certain car that you have always wanted, tell us and we’ll find it. Not only will we find it, but we’ll pick it up, do any upgrades you wish and deliver it to your door in a fully enclosed trailer. Let us worry about the hassle so that you can enjoy the car of your dreams.

Vehicle Service

Here at AfterFX Customs we offer complete Vehicle Service packages for all vehicle makes and models. From routine Oil Changes to complex timing belt services we’ve got you covered. Please click here to schedule your Vehicles’ Service appointment today.