Porsche GT3 RS

We installed a Cantrell Motorsports roll cage to make sure safety is a priority. Along with installing an Escort 9500 CI-S Pro radar and laser jamming system.

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Range Rover Sport Queen Elizabeth Purse Holder

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Have a large purse that’s too far away? This client called on After FX to build her a solution.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2dr.

2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.  Hutchinson bead lock rims. Recon Complete Coil-over Conversion with King Shock 3.5″ coil-over. Rock Krawler 3.5″ Long arms were also used to finish off the suspension for some serious rock climbing.

jeep wrangler 2dr

Porsche 918 Radar Install


Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR

This was one of the Nissan GTRs we had the opportunity to work on. This car came to us with no previous modifications, so it was a blank canvas for us to start from. We decided to go with a full turbo back exhaust system, cobb intakes and 1000cc injectors from injector Dynamics. I couldn’t wait for the valvetronic exhaust to arrive from Armytrix. We went this route so the exhaust system could be open for maximum flow or closed to be quiet when not wanting to attract attention. Once we finished installing all of the parts on the Nissan GTR we decided to go with a Passport 9500ci S pro for some added protection when this Nissan GTR is out on the road. This was the first stage and the car is still very street able and fun to drive.

Nissan GTRNissan GTR Nissan GTR

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight widebody Bentley was a build we wanted to do for a while and it just came down to the timing. This car was purchased brand new and driven for about 3 months. After the 3 months we decided it was time to cut into the Bentley and recreate it as we wanted. The first choice we had to make was what size rims and tires to put on the Dark Knight and create the widebody around the rims. We focused the attention to the front of the Bentley so we could brainstorm and figure out how we wanted to design the fenders and have it meet with the carbon fiber mansory front bumper. Once we were happy with the design of the fenders we worked on them until they were completed. When it came down to designing and cutting the quarter panels off the rear of the Bentley we brought it over to First Choice Autobody and locked the Dark Knight down on the frame machine to make sure it didn’t move of flex when the quarter panels were cut off. The Dark Knight had the rear finished and it was ready to pick up the color scheme for the paintjob. We went with a matte black metallic finish and accented it with gloss red. When you look at the Dark Knight up close you will notice the metallic flake in the paintjob. Once the sheet metal widebody was completed we finished the Dark Knight off with a full Hertz audio system. We will upload more pictures when the weather changes.

The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight IMG_4326

The Ford Raptor

The Ford Raptor

This Ford Raptor quickly became a very unique build for the client. The build started off slowly and soon grew into something much more. The Ford Raptor didn’t have the audio system output that the client was satisfied with so we changed that to a full Hertz system, we utilized all of the factory locations and installed the subwoofers under the back seat. Shortly after that install was completed we turned our attention to the engine and making more power on the 6.2 liter engine. Whipple was the supercharger of our choice and the install went smoothly and the results were better than we could have imagined. This supercharger brought the Ford Raptor over 500hp and just shy of 500 torque. The Whipple supercharger kit has great drivability with a lot more power available when you want it. We gave The Ford Raptor a slightly different exterior look with the matte hood wrap and the VisionX lighting products as you can see in the pictures. The lights come with a variety of different lenses to help in whatever driving environment you may be in. The yellow lenses that are on the truck now help to cut through the fog. The pictures will be uploaded to our gallery section shortly.


The Ford Raptor The Ford Raptor





Sinister Camaro

Sinister Camaro

 The definition of Sinister is having an evil appearance, looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen. 

The Sinister Camaro is a project we had the privilege to work on and help finish. The interior was a black canvas for us, we had to stay true to the Sinister Camaro’s already tough looking exterior appearance. You will notice right away just from looking at the exterior everything on the Sinister Camaro is matte and has a dark presence when you see it even in the pictures. We created a sheet metal door panel, custom handmade aluminium center console and much more. We accented the interior with a black leather and an alcantara suede to match the exterior of the Camaro. Make sure to check back in the photo gallery for the picture of the Camaro.

Sinister Camaro Sinister Camaro

Blackhawk Jeep Rebuild

Blackhawk Jeep with the dynatrac axles and king shocks installed.

IMG_1292 IMG_1293 What is going on here?

This will show the progression of our Blackhawk Jeep rebuild. Make sure to check back and see the updates that we will be adding as it gets closer to completion.

We decided it would be the perfect time to rebuild the Blackhawk Jeep in the winter and get it ready for the spring and summer. We stripped the Jeep back down to square one and went back to the drawing board. We came up with a bunch of ideas to change the Blackhawk Jeep for 2015. The first few of the upgrades you will notice right away will be how much of a lift we installed and the 40″ tires. All aspects of the Blackhawk Jeep will under go a big change and we cant wait to have the Jeep on the road this spring and summer to go to some off road events.

Blackhawk Jeep with the Dyantrac axles and King shocks installed

Blackhawk Jeep with the Dyantrac axles and King shocks installed

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